Command Line

The Angel CLI is a friendly command line tool enabling quick scaffolding of common project constructs.

To install it:

$ pub global activate angel_cli

You'll then be able to run:

$ angel --help

The above will print documentation about each available command.


New Projects

Bootstrapping a new Angel project, complete, CORS, hot-reloading, and more, is as easy as running:

$ angel init <dirname>

You'll be ready to go after this!

Project Files

Use angel make to scaffold common Dart files:

  • angel make service - Generate an in-memory, MongoDB, RethinkDB, file-based, or other service.

  • angel make test

  • angel make plugin

  • angel make model

  • angel make model --orm

  • angel make controller

Deployment helpers

  • sudo -E angel deploy nginx -o /etc/sites-available/my_app.conf

  • sudo -E angel deploy systemd -o /etc/systemd/system/my_app.service

Renaming the Project

To rename your project, and fix all references, run:

$ angel rename <new-name>

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