Writing a Plugin


Writing a plug-in is easy. You can provide plug-ins as either functions, or classes:

AngelConfigurer awesomeify() => (Angel app) async {
  app.before.add((req, res) async {
    req.write('This request was intercepted by an awesome plug-in.');
    return false;

class MyAwesomePlugin extends AngelPlugin {
  Future call(Angel app) async {
    app.responseFinalizers.add((req, res) async {
      res.headers['Be-Awesome'] = 'All the time';


  • Plugins should only do one thing, or serve one purpose.

  • Functions are preferred to classes.

  • Always need to be well-documented and thoroughly tested.

  • Make sure no other plugin already serves the purpose.

  • Use the provided Angel API's whenever possible. This will help your plugin resist breaking change in the future.

  • Plugins should generally be small.

  • Plugins should NEVER modify app configuration!!!

    • i.e. Do NOT set app.lazyParseBodies, app.storeOriginalBuffer, etc.

  • Stay away from req.io and res.io if possible. Using these will doom your plugin to a life of only working on HTTP servers. Future versions of Angel may be server-agnostic, and this will keep your plugin firmly lodged in the past.

  • If your plugin is development-only or production-only, it should automatically configure itself. Prefer app.isProduction to manually checking the environment for ANGEL_ENV.

  • Use req.lazyBody(), req.lazyFiles(), etc. if you are running in an async context. Otherwise, your plugin may crash applications that lazy-parse request bodies.

  • If you use req.lazyQuery(), refrain from using forceParse. Never force any additional side effects on the user.

Finally, your plugin should expose common options in a simple way. For example, the (deprecated) compress plugin has a shortcut function, gzip, to set up GZIP compression, whereas for any other codec, you would manually have to specify additional options.

main() {
  var app = new Angel();

  // Calling gzip()

  // Easier than:
  app.responseFinalizers.add(compress('gzip', GZIP));

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